Linda Cahill

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The Cave or the Garden

Posted by on July 28, 2013 at 10:20 AM

Everyone jokes about the Man Cave, that special place with the bar, the big screen TV, the comfy couch and maybe a basement fireplace. Hmm. But what if the cozy cave is a necessity for everyone including the authors of our new Nefarious North collection? I used to wonder why some homes are so much more appealing than others. It isn’t strictly about beautiful things, spacious rooms or all the electronic toys. I think it is actually an ancient need, a need our ancestors had also, a safe, cozy place, preferably with firelight – a cave.

If a home has a welcoming place to cocoon and recharge in we respond to it and like it. But we also need something else: a spot with airy access to the outdoors where the sun shines warm on your face and maybe a stream gurgles nearby providing life giving water. Like our ancestors, we need a garden or green space nearby to stimulate our senses with colour, sweet smells, and the music of birds singing. I was thinking about this Cave and Garden dichotomy when we got word that Nefarious North, our collection of short mystery stories is about to land. Maybe a preference of one kind of space or another influences our creativity too. So which do you need to stimulate your creative juices, the cave or the garden?

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