Linda Cahill

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                       Secret Danger - A novel by Linda Cahill

In Secret Danger a police procedural set in Montréal, its election time and some unsavoury 

candidates need police protection. An ambitious young detective is investigating the execution 

style murder of a disabled woman and trying to stay out of the election fray when a pair of street 

kids asks him to find their missing drug-dealer friend. As ex-con and former pal Jackie Prince 

gets out of jail with revenge on his mind, someone torches the detective's favourite bar, with him 

in it, and kills a dozen innocent people. Finding the missing teen is key to solving the murders 

but will put a match to his career dreams and his rekindled romance with shady political back-

room girl Kelly Rufus who is scheming to put a mob lawyer into the mayor’s chair. With the 

teen just one step ahead of the gang who want her dead the detective faces down his former 

criminal boss -- and his past – on a crumbling bridge high above the unforgiving waters of the 

mighty St. Lawrence River in an uncertain contest that may save the girl but ruin his life.